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Album: Open Mike Eagle – “Anime, Trauma And Divorce” (Zip File)

Album: Anime, Trauma And Divorce
Year: 2020

American hip hop artist and comedian, Michael W. Eagle II, better known by his stage name , had a lot to get off his chest with this new album.

2020 has been a bad year for many people, and with everything going on, it’s normal to want a creative outlet that will allow you to air your grievances and express the pain you might be feeling. With his brand new project Anime, Traume and Divorce, that’s exactly what sought to do. Fans have always known him to be someone who is real in his music and this latest project is no exception to that rule.

Leading up to this project, stated that he wanted to make an album that dealt with what he’s had to face over what has been described as the worst year in his life. On songs such as “The Black Mirror Episode” and “Everything Ends Last Year,” we get the artist at his most vulnerable.

Anime, Trauma And Divorce Tracklist:

  1. Death Parade || Download Mp3
  2. Headass (Idiot Shinji) (ft. Video Dave) || Download Mp3
  3. Sweatpants Spiderman || Download Mp3
  4. Bucciarati (ft. Kari Faux) || Download Mp3
  5. Asa’s Bop (ft. Little A$e) || Download Mp3
  6. The Edge Of New Clothes || Download Mp3
  7. Everything Ends Last Year || Download Mp3
  8. The Black Mirror Episode || Download Mp3
  9. WTF is Self Care || Download Mp3
  10. I’m A Joestar (Black Power Fantasy) || Download Mp3
  11. Airplane Boneyard || Download Mp3
  12. Fifteen Twenty Feet Ocean Nah (ft. Little A$e) (Live from the Joco Cruise) || Download Mp3



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