Benny The Butcher Ft.Conway, & Westside Gunn – “War Paint”

Feat: , &
Title: War Paint
Year: 2020

’s “Burden Of Proof” has arrived, and it wouldn’t be complete without a Griselda posse cut. It’s been a minute, but ’s official debut album Burden Of Proof has officially landed, produced in its entirety by Hit-Boy. And though it’s still early, there are already whispers of album of the year from certain circles. And to be fair, it’s completely understandable, fueled by nostalgic golden-era throwback production from Hit-Boy and typically elite lyricism from The Butcher, who proudly declared himself to be a “Legend” by the story’s conclusion.

While Burden Is Proof is best enjoyed as one linear narrative, it’s never a bad thing to dive into a new posse cut from the Griselda trifecta, one of the rap game’s most dominant cliques in recent memory. Rather than taking to a Daringer or Beat Butcha instrumental, it’s Hit-Boy who provides the foundation for “War Paint,” employing a masterful sample that captures serious Wu-Tang vibes. With handling the chorus, Benny and have ample room to flex their lyrical chops with one lengthy verse apiece — to this day, fans still debate as to which one stands at the height of the lyrical hierarchy, and it’s likely that won’t end anytime soon.


  • Before this shit you see as a triumph, was almost tragedy
  • I’m at the Roc Nation party smellin’ like chronic smoke
  • Hov said, “You that boy”, I get acknowledged by the GOAT
  • Woo, even shook the hand of Beyoncé
  • That story brought tears to the eye of my fiancée
  • But I don’t know if it’s because my shorty such a fan
  • Or did she realize in that moment, I’m the motherfuckin’ man

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