Digga D – “Chingy (It’s Whatever)”


Album: Chingy (It’s Whatever)
Year: 2020

is back with a new banger for the function. is fresh out and he’s celebrating his freedom with the release of a brand new single and video. Although legal reasons prevent him from talking truly spicy, a toned down Digga is still a menace: “hey back your bro, don’t spectate/he watched when I digged at his best mate’s chestplate.”

He definitely has a sense of humour too. Evoking the song’s namesake, he puts on an exaggerated Southern accent when he says “see a opp right thurr/and get chingy, chingy, chingy.”

The accompanying video has Digga turning up in a massive mansion with plenty of beautiful models and cameo appearances from Unknown T and V9 plus all of the requisite rowdiness of a video.

Quotable Lyrics

  • Ruined the sweater put two in the ‘Retta
  • They’re copying me cause I’m doing it better
  • Left my block with the pum pum revver
  • Can’t come here cause the killy dem deh bout
  • One hand ding can’t get the left leg up
  • They’re drawing me in they don’t want me to step out
  • Wait that’s him I swear
  • Where? Right thurr

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